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Yoyo Foods is a young and upcoming Zambian snack food manufacturing concern, with a focus on central and southern Africa.

Yoyo Foods is also part of the Trade Kings Group, which is one of the largest independent manufacturers in central Africa.

Yoyo Foods is a family owned business with a commitment to creating world class snack food manufacturing facilities, products and brands, whilst investing and developing localized job creation for future economic Zambian growth.

Yoyo Foods’ standard of quality ensures that only the best snack foods in four main categories are produced and delivered: chips, savoury extrudes, sweet coated extrudes and savoury baked.


At Yoyo Foods we constantly strive towards upholding customer and consumer satisfaction and safety, and value this policy greatly.

We aim to achieve this with our unwavering commitment to producing snack foods of the highest quality at all times and by adopting an effective quality management system with continual improvements and implementation.

Our workforce consist of well trained employees that receive ongoing training as new production methodologies are updated.

We also ensure our compliance to government applicable regulatory and statutory food laws.





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5242 Umuzilikazi Road, Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Yoyo Zumba gets you going – one step, two step, jump, turn, put it in your mouth. Repeat, go, go, go and repeat! In your mouth, taste the beat, feel the sensation, munch it hard, feel the rhythm…Zumba more and more – Express yourself!

Join us on a YoYo adventures around the world with our new refreshed packs of YoYo Nax – the number one corn snacks! Great packaging, fun doodles, and the ultimate corn snacks crunchy taste, with a flavor explosion that thrills!

Yoyo Maxx…a great bag full of Naks with Maxx taste! Give yourself that much needed boost – extra flavor, extra full pack! Bigger pack, better value – it’s Yoyo Maxx!

It’s Tinga Tinga Time, Tinga tinga follow my lead, Tinga tinga tag along, Tinga tinga take your pick, Great taste and quality guaranteed …Soft, puffy, luscious corn…Tinga tinga all day long!

Cheesy melt in the mouth potato snacks that just make you want to rave with delight… that’s Ravers! Quality munching snacks from Yoyo, a perfect sharing snack for nights in with a movie and friends! Gimme more… that’s all you’ll want to say!

Yoyo Lala Loops ensures a crunchy, crispy maize snack with lots of flavor that goes round and round and round and round. Lick the flavor off the loops and crunch them – all at the same time. Loop the loop with Lala Loops – snacks have never played this good! Simply irresistible!

Yoyo HipHop hops upon you unexpectedly…..With the smooth milky sweet flavors combined with corn, it culminates into an unexpected joyful explosion of deliciousness – wow! A mouth symphony full of flavor! Gotta have more, gotta have HipHop now! HipHop does it for me!

Feeling peckish? Snack on your favorite fast food flavor any time, anywhere with Funky’z – creates laughter in your mouth! Fried chicken, or burgers or Mexican? Just enjoy the crunch of ultimate snacking with Funky’z.

Yoyo Freeky Fries potato stixx ensures round the clock fries on hand – delicious any time crunchy fries to be eaten on its own or as part of your favorite food at home – to be dipped into delightful sauces or enjoyed when entertaining … the Freeky Fries name says it all. With 4 delectable flavors – hard to choose – Freeky Fries has simply got the most awesome crunch to enjoy anytime!

Great tasting baked corn puffs with fabulous flavors and tantalizing texture! Crunch into the curls – you’re going to want another and another and another…

Yoyo Chipsy Crinkles Potato Chips make sure that every happening in your life can be celebrated with the best, freshest crinkle cut potato snacking that explode with flavor. Whether you are comfort snacking, or cannot wait one moment longer for supper, Yoyo Crinkles fill your mouth with loads of good flavors that makes every snacking occasion so satisfying. Yoyo Crinkles – with the goodness of fresh potatoes from the earth, all natural, with no preservatives. Freshness Guaranteed – come on, you deserve the best!

Yoyo Choco Dipps real chocolate snax are just that: real chocolate SNACKS! Like having chocolate spread on your favourite snack to enhance the flavour and taste experience. It is delectable, it is delicious and it is – like chocolate cereal, so go on – try it for breakfast with milk – crashing into the crunch and coming away with a mouthful of chocolate. Choco Dipps, delectable chocolate crunch on the munch!

Crispy potato chips packed with flavour – Yoyo Chipsy-On-The-Go crafted from the freshest potatoes, covered with the greatest tasting flavours that leave you wanting more! No artificial colours, freshness guaranteed… We know you’ll love the flavours! Tenga Chipsy, tiye nayo!

Yoyo Chipsy Potato Chips are made from the freshest, specially grown potatoes in the land. Only the best are good enough for producing the finest sliced potato chips, covered with the best, most innovative flavors on offer, taking you away to countries and wonderful new taste experience adventures. No artificial colors and FRESHNESS GUARANTEED. Come with us on the flavor taste journey of Yoyo Chipsy potato chips …. We know you’ll love them!

Yoyo Bola is for now, for every football kick is a Bola bite! Crispy, sharp shooter full of flavor and awesome strikes. Bola straight into the net! Much more than just a game…

Yoyo Big Munch for the munchiest biggg munch in town! Superb flavor to set all others in the shade – it is so bigggg and such a mouthful. The party snack in town to fill all those hungry tummies. A Big munch party for those biggg munch events. Melt away into Big Munch today!